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Beach Wheels

Beach Wheels Hire & Guidelines

We have two wheelchairs, available to hire for free.
Bookings through Camp Waipu Cove info@campwaipucove.com

Available to use between the hours 11.30am - 3.30pm during summer patrolling days.

Bookings can be made out of hours subject to availability of volunteers


Please park in public accessible car park, wheelchair to club, transfer to beach wheels and access sand by boat ramp along concrete pathways.

Lifeguards or club volunteers will meet you at the club (lower area), where you can sign the forms, and be shown how to use chairs. Harness must be used to prevent tipping.

We encourage if using in water to stay in flagged area.

Public changing rooms can be used, along with our accessible hot shower.


Yellow Sand Piper (child) 80kg, (under 5ft)

Blue Sand Cruiser (adult) 120kg (over 5ft)


Anti-tip/ Parking brake is the most important safety feature, doubles as a wheelbrake and anti-tipping device.

Use of two attendants is recommended when water depth greater than 15cm.


Kept in storage area at lower area of club

Please ensure beach wheels are thoroughly hosed down with fresh water after use, using the hoses provided.

Find out more about Beach Wheels.