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Become a Surf Lifeguard

Become a Surf Lifeguard / Patrol Support

To patrol our beach, you must be qualified as a surf lifeguard or patrol supporter. If you’re over 14 and able to swim, we’ll train you up to gain your Surf Lifeguard Award, or if swimming and running are not your thing we can train you to become a Patrol Support.

Training covers modules in surf skills, basic first aid, rescue techniques, and risk management. Some of the skills are taught theoretically, but most are taught in a practical environment.

Once your training is completed, we’ll send you to an exam. The exam will assess your key lifeguarding skills, and involves:

  • 400m timed pool swim (completed in under 9 minutes)
  • Tube rescue in a pool environment
  • Tows and releases in a pool environment
  • Theory Test
  • CPR, first aid, communication and radio scenario
  • 200m run-swim-run, in the surf environment
  • Tube rescue in the surf environment
  • Once you’ve passed all the exam components, you’ll be issued with your Surf Lifeguard Award or Patrol Support Award and be issued with a uniform and be ready join patrols.

    To start training to be a lifeguard or if you have any questions regarding lifesaving or training, feel free to email our club at waipucoveslsc@xtra.co.nz

    More information can be found at https://www.surflifesaving.org.nz/lifesaving/lifeguard-education/surf-lifeguard-award

    Opportunities for Patrolling members

  • Further first aid training
  • Search and Rescue 24/7 squad
  • Coaching
  • Instructing
  • Surf Official (don’t need to be a Surf Lifeguard)
  • Leadership
  • Powercraft / IRB crew and driving
  • Surf Sport / competition
  • Lifeguard intermediate and advanced training
  • Youth Develment Camps
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